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The RefLex website address is It contains a public part for data consultation and a private part for (public or private) data manipulation, requiring a user account (register).

Manipulated Data

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Data Retrieval

Structure of pages

The website is divided into nine zones, offering a quickly identifiable structure throughout the navigation. In detail, the nine zones are, from top to bottom and from left to right:

  • Header: contains logos, titles, links to related sites, and connection tools.
  • Breadcrumb trail: allows the user to track where they are and browse between different levels.
  • ToolBar: for selected items (visible in Active Elements). This bar is displayed only when necessary.
  • Tools: a box on the right frame of the site, accessible only to registered users. It gives different options depending on which view you are using.
  • Explorer: lets you browse among manipulated objects and to select search criteria.
  • Active Elements: contains the object that is being created or modified.
  • Available Elements: elements that have been retrieved by browsing and/or a search in the Explorer zone.
  • Notifications: displays the latest information published on the website.
  • Footer: includes the legal information about the site and its partners, as well as quick access to the most visited parts of the site.

The most important zones will be explained more fully at the various levels where they appear.

Zone details


Zone header.JPG
RefLex logo, background image, links to related sites (LLACAN and DDL). This part also includes the information box about the user who is currently logged on (to change your personal information, click on this button signature button and add your password), and the basic user operations, such as account creation signature button, logging-on signature button, logging-off signature button and a help button signature button (to access the wiki?).


Zone footer.JPG
Legal information about the site. Bibliographic reference for citation in articles based on work carried out using RefLex. A list of enriched internal links and a direct link to the administrator's e-mail address.

Breadcrumb Trail

Zone breadcrumb.JPG

The breadcrumb trail shows you at a glance where you are on the website. In the default browser mode, it has these levels: Sources > Datasets > Search > Cognate sets > Correspondence sets. You can click on any of these if elements of this type are available and on a reload button to return to the current level signature button.


Zone explorer.JPG
At all levels of website exploration, you will find in this part of the interface the main ways to explore and search the data. The selected objects have a toolbar that we will come back to. This part, because of its importance, will be further developed in each level of data visualization.

Available Elements

Zone available elements.JPG
The objects that you select while browsing Explorer and by using search tools will be displayed in this section. You can select them individually signature button or as a bundle signature button to transfer them into Active Elements. Two buttons are accessible at (almost) all times: to empty this space signature button and to load the default information signature button about this space.

Active elements

Zone active elements.JPG
Features a reminder of items that are currently being handled, which can be sources, a dataset, records, a set, an alignment or correspondences. A toolbar is associated with each type of object, with occasional overlaps due to the nature of related objects (it appears when necessary above this zone, on the same line as the breadcrumb trail ).


Zone operations.JPG
signature button partie à compléter : explain the operations zone


Zone notifications.JPG
This section presents the latest information from the website which you can also get via RSS feeds signature button. Online users have an additional block in this zone with specific tools related to the objects in the current exploration level, and access to the comments they have submitted.


Zone tools.JPG
signature button partie à compléter : clarify the zone tools

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