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Reflex is an online database. There is no need to install special software to access and manipulate the data. But you must have an internet connection and a current and compatible web browser.

We recommend using Firefox, with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720.


The website is being developed using Firefox, and we strongly recommend using the same browser to limit the risk of malfunctioning.

Whenever there are major upgrades of the website, functioning and compatibility tests are carried out with the following browsers: Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and Safari.


The website is largely based on Ajax technology, and therefore on JavaScript. This technology is usually functional and requires no activation or special permission from the user.


Data visualization on the maps uses SVG technology (Scalable Vector Graphics). Recent browsers that respect the html 5 standard are naturally compatible with this. If you use Internet Explorer 8 or less, you must install a plugin, as unmaintained or outdated plugins are a security risk (Contact us for details).

Future RefLex tools will most probably use Flash technology. This requires the installation of a free plug-in that you can download from

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Available source documents are presented in PDF format (Portable Document Format), i.e. the standard format for viewing digital documents containing text and / or images.


Dissemination of RefLex data, which are by nature very diverse, requires the use of the character encoding standard Unicode. Various Unicode compliant fonts cover the range of characters used in most documents. These include: DejaVu, Doulos SIL, Charis SIL, Code2000. As for the web pages, the default font is DejaVu.

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