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Explorer Zone
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Displays a list of comments filed, sorted according to the type of objects they refer to.

  • The checkbox allows you to select them in order to carry out various actions on the toolbar.
  • Clicking the title 'Comment for object-id' displays full information about the comment and the objects in Available Elements.

The color of the flag indicates whether it is a private comment [red]: signature button, a comment submitted to the administrators [yellow]: signature button or a public comment [green] signature button.

The toolbar options are:

signature button [info] for information on the selected comments
signature button [pencil] to edit comments
signature button [bomb] to delete a private comment or a comment submitted to the administrators.
signature button [door] to quit the Comments module and return to the Reconstruction module.

signature button partie à venir
Available Elements

[more complete information about a comment, and a list of affected objects.]

Active Elements

[for the publication of comments and status changes, see 'submission of a private comment to the administrators']

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