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Users wishing to participate in the project may create an account by clicking the icon signature button in the top banner. We recommend that you state your expectations about which languages you wish to see incorporated into RefLex as a priority, and those that you have some experience with.


New users can register using the online form available by clicking on the button signature button or directly at the following address: register Obligatory fields are marked with a red dot signature button, and you are asked to confirm via a simple captcha at the bottom of the page.

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Once created, the account must be activated by an administrator.


You can identify yourself on RefLex by clicking on the icon signature button in the top banner. You will need a login name and a password.

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Lost password

If you lose or forget your password, you can get a new one by providing the email address associated with your user account via the appropriate form on the site.

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Changing personal info

Once connected, your user name is displayed in the connection box, and a button signature button lets you change your basic account information.

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Changing password

You can also change your password. You will need your current password, and you will be asked to confirm the new you have chosen.

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