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[4419]   Collins, Chris[topher] [Thad] (2003) : The internal structure of vP in Ju|’hoansi and €Hoan
[11822]   Lee, Richard B. , Megan [Marguerite] [Anne] Biesele & Robert Karl Hitchcock (1996) : Three decades of ethnographic research among the Ju|’hoansi of northwest Botswana: 1963-1996
[13811]   Miller-Ockhuizen, Amanda (2000) : Issues in Ju|’hoansi orthography and their implications for the development of orthographies for other Khoesan languages
[13812]   Miller-Ockhuizen, Amanda (2000) : Reduplication in Ju|’hoansi: tone determines weight
[13814]   Miller-Ockhuizen, Amanda (2001) : Two kinds of reduplication in Ju|’hoansi
[13815]   Miller-Ockhuizen, Amanda (2001) : Grounding Ju|’hoansi phonotactics: the phonetics of the guttural OCP and other acoustic modulations
[13816]   Miller-Ockhuizen, Amanda (2003) : The phonetics and phonology of gutturals: a case study from Ju|’hoansi