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[11774]   112777/a>]  &nb7p;Lawal, A.Nf=10566" target="baif>]&nbne languages: the phoneti7> [ [112778/a>]  &nb8p;LawaNf=10566" target="baif>]&nbne languages: the phoneti7> [ ref=io_bas.php?id=11265" target="bas">112678/a>]  &nb8p;LawaNf=10566" target="baif>]&nbne languages: the phoneti7> [112678/a>]  &nb8p;25&nb8/a>]   112777/a>]  &n77/;LeDauda Muhnoid="baga> (Dauda Muhnoid="baga> he phoneti5njunction in Efpriba25&nb8/a>]   Margk C
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10922s/a>]  &22s/;KouyomLongtau, Selbut R (20ongtau, Selbut R ruba quanssyntax246521/a>]  6521/;KouyomLongtau, Selbut R (20ongtau, Selbut R ruba qusdfierTaroklal Niger: Ie_ Bbsa:sP"biblio_sessioGiblio_bas.php?id=10543" target="bas">10523]  &23KouyomLord: An o23/2ord: An o2in the i4 zurChref[11723]  &23sp;112231/a>]  &231/;246614/a>]  7614/;27212]  212102283/a>]  6283/;27&24]  &2411224]  &2411224]  &245/;11624]  &24 [11624]  &2411624]  &24Laver, Johuka : R. anne/ [11524]  &247/;112248/a>]  &248/;Kleine0uka : R. anne/ mm lexi="bbuasy:eree stbas.php?id=11272" target="bas">112248/a>]  &248p;Lawauka : R. anne/ 112248/a>]  &248/;114248/a>]  &24sp;114248/a>]  &248/;11424]  &24Lawauka : R. anne/ 11424]  &24sp;11524]  &247/;KleineR. anne/ auka [11424]  &249/;Laver, JoR. anne/ auka 114248/a>]  &248p;11425]  &25al statementr> [ [ [114258/a>]  &258/;114260/a>]  &260/;11226]  &26 cka ,re Bemerkungi7ogic loy=bas.php?id=11272" target="bas">11226]  &26 in EfpriIdomahparative,"biblio_bas.php?id=11698" target="bas">116262/a>]  &262/;24nbsp/a>]  &263/;Law> d pero63)Iabif> d pero63)Iabische Leh72verb="bb-nd the Bncipra"bibl"biblggolbas.php?id=11272" target="bas">112263/a>]  &263/;Law> d pero63)Iabif> d pero63)Iabische Leh74 BolA=po=sl
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LawMoa zu, O. I.3/a> zu, O. I.ruba quans8fierSocifl evaluf[<> [survey n Eet Hicorel [< ansona> [112562/a>]  7562/;LawMoakriaf, Hol[ Maakriaf, Hol[ [sbliellva ="bbla usioAuxiusarla ialeerterver965)ierderrk, TBewegdersv"bbla d> damawa-"biblio_bas.php?id=10998" target="bas">10262]  262Laver, JoMasaisoEtsd: Thrd (198MasaisoEtsd: Thrd (1ruba quans6-7verbIvie hrlkbiblio_tax
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omple [11432]  &32Laver, JoMatsushote anduji98Matsushote andujiische Leh75njunctausa, Sha, Anation of sna 11232]  &32Laver, JoMatsushote anduji98Matsushote andujiische Lehs1yereAsnbsa:snation of sna 10532]  &32Laver, JoMatsushote anduji98Matsushote andujiische Lehs5njun/aC/égearl
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112343/a>]  2343/;LawMcWhorlá,oJohf=H./a>cWhorlá,oJohf=H.ische Lehs5wordSialá="iblirEfpriikinbr> br> [hrefg"b tonerel [< and Gu 112343/a>]  &343/;11234]  &34edubi, Oyinkabische L200politil Nigertatioieaoble[ [11234]  &34 dleyifMeek,y: aro_seKr> dleyische Leh22 Bolhe CSemi-r [uan Nigeria) la246525/a>]  2525/;246525/a>]  2525/;24135p/a>]  &35p/;112450/a>]  2450/;11&35p/a>]  &353/;eiá/a>eiá,oPaul E.ischeAUTEU=Kay [Ruth] [Margaret] Inge >eiá/aInge >eiáische AUTEU=Anthony H. M. Kirk-GreJohf= coodoreBendor-Samuel">Johf= coodoreBendor-Samuelische Leh75njunctg Kanuri laIzi,ranWliso u Nigeribas.php?id=11272" target="bas">11&35]  &35einhof/a>einhof: An l [Friedricon11&35]  &35eissná/a>eissná, Antjeische AUTEU=Anthony H. M. Kirk-Greenn CStorch (enn CStorch ische L2000of tNd the Bn verbals
[d> 27&360/a>]  &360/; Ha/="J.ische Leh34 impklobachtder LeübarA Yle="bw"bdwärtigeTöef="bitigeref="b-"bibliobas.php?id=27212" target="bas">27&360/a>]  7360/; Ha/="J.ische Leh37njunctaunciee d="biblof s la241361/a>]  &361/; Ha/="J.ische Leh42verb="bgleia, ndly: arakterpithk lexi="bbuasy:erBi pC(Sübnbiblieo_bas.php?id=11407" target="bas">114361/a>]  &361/; Ha/="J.ische Leh60verbManusk114363/a>]  &363/;KouyomMenne, Marbr>u/ u/ische Lehs2verbKonkordanzmtatiouagi AdamaKlhref=grupp" 1/2y:erBenue-Kongo:exik ="bbreitderrk, Tpräomplis Lea-iusiopränd the la u-bas.php?id=11407" target="bas">114363/a>]  &363/;Offio> [A. Offio> ische L2004 impOn Efhk hrefbas.php?id=11407" target="bas">11437]  &37KouyomMeyer-Bahlburg> Hilke HMeyer-Bahlburg> Hilkeische Leh7a/74 BolQu a rt [11237]  &371/; [n: Gstniia,tr>u (Wf="gewähltfBBihebeder Waibas.php?id=10543" target="bas">102491/a>]  2491/;114371/a>]  &37sp;114371/a>]  4371/;114371/a>]  &371/; [112371/a>]  &371/;10246]  246iehe, Gudrubische Leh a
ialeNd the klhref=rtiseAbu abas.php?id=11272" target="bas">112377/a>]  &377/;igeod, Fred11&37]  &37ef=á> J.ische AUTEU=Anthony H. M. Kirk-GreP. TenchifP. Tenchische Leh 0of tAgrationOwouple hsy oes: th: ut touba e""biisolaHausbas.php?id=11767" target="bas">11&37]  &37 W. R (2Mif=á> W. R ische Leh39verbWata biu-uple ogia, Jubas.php?id=11767" target="bas">11&38p/a>]  &38p/;11&38p/a>]  &383/;irt> Heir LaMirt> Heir ische Leh69/7ammarWbiblio_intoManralabas.php?id=11767" target="bas">11&38p/a>]  &383/;11&38]  &38itnilia,, damLaMitnilia,, damische Leh--nair hrefbas.php?id=11407" target="bas">11438]  &38114387/a>]  &387/; [ [< [11438]  &38 Mmadik : ische Lehs of the Clio_oemphatoneref[norve p andory
115]  5 Mohamadou3) liouische Leh ls ou f mtatiouagi Adu x or itu a nd the ava fulfuldr,np"blarA href=" damawabas.php?id=11407" target="bas">114393/a>]  &393/;114393/a>]  &39p/;115393/a>]  5393/;114393/a>]  &393/;115393/a>]  &393/;ohamadou3) liou> Mohamadou3) liouische Lehs4verbC verbals112499/a>]  2499/;ohamadou3) liou> Mohamadou3) liouische Lehs8chiyF=n Hausnf="biemtatiouagisinEet i[ [peulBn verbaîs115394/a>]  7394/;ohammad,eAbubakareB. [11539]  &39ohammed,eA. ns: a reonOwondorymodbals
[d> hrefbas.php?id=11407" target="bas">11439]  &39ohammed,eA. [11439]  &395/;11439]  4395/;116395/a>]  &39sp;LaVeAliyu Mohammed [116395/a>]  &395/;Laver, JoMohammed,eUs: a Ahmadu h[< ansOwosrokebiblio_sOwoa href=n foa hgraakarsf="bfpri“mainlyoa href=area” ntoMaiduguf=bas.php?id=11272" target="bas">112433/a>]  2433/;Laver, JoMöhlig,hrefhelm R. ann Geo Bbsa:sprincipleonOwouple hp asoogble [11539]  &39 [11639]  &39ns: a reonOwondorymodbals
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omoh, E. (198Momoh, E. (1ische Lehs7verbEasy wayubo [narnm Yoruba, uple ,rs or coerwolio_bas.php?id=11642" target="bas">11640]  &40onsen, R.aB. Ss: a reppl statemei etbo [nortoder Wy: annr> [112437/a>]  &437/;Laver, JoMònyé,eAmb ase Adikamkwu [11227]  227oomo, David 112415/a>]  &415/;orriso63)Megabif>orriso63)Megabische L2001nairPef=ioit rerwomultiplicit rbibÈdótatioEYorubabas.php?id=11272" target="bas">112428/a>]  &428/;ousst, F [<: a LaMousst, F [<: a ische Leh--nairLpeucrea[< ans[nort [246593/a>]  6593/;Laver, JoMohammedeAminu Mu'azu upsstn Juma'a">Jidd> upsstn Juma'aische AUTEU=Anthony H. M. Kirk-GreSuls: a Tebu [112730/a>]  2730/;Laver, JoMu’azu, MohammedeAminu 112673/a>]  2673/;Laver, JoMohammedeAminu Mu’azu En"bdw Cblihiaische L2014 BolA=Pra"bi[112673/a>]  2673/;Laver, JoMohammedeAminu Mu’azu aolo">Hannatu Ibrahim>aoloische L201ls ouMod112730/a>]  2730/;Laver, JoMohammedeAminu Mu’azu 112660/a>]  2660/;Laver, JoMohammedeAminu Mu’azu 112673/a>]  2673/;Laver, JoMohammedeAminu Mu’azu NyanraitirP"bry Anitaische L201ls ouMod112673/a>]  2673/;Laver, JoMohammedeAminu Mu’azu Rahila ba/aische L201ls ouKibaku (Chibok)- Yoruba111447/a>]  &447/;Laver, JoMuhammad,eD./a>uhammad,eD.ische Leh7afier enation of sna oitereryube"bs"bib hrefbas.php?id=11407" target="bas">114447/a>]  444Laver, JoMuhammed,eAliyu [bib hrefbas.php?id=11407" target="bas">114447/a>]  &447/;Laver, JoMuhammed,eD. (Muhammed,eD. ische Lehs in Wuple hmetau Nigeribas.php?id=11272" target="bas">11&448/a>]  &448/;Laver, JoMukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bib/a>ukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bibische Leh53fierSomeeref[nor ansOn an> [114449/a>]  &449/;Laver, JoMukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bib/a>ukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bibische Leh63fierSomeeref[nor ansOn an> [11445]  &45Laver, JoMukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bib/a>ukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bibische Leh81mmarWb steht das Saharc hre?bas.php?id=11272" target="bas">112452/a>]  2452/;Laver, JoMukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bib/a>ukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bibische Leh87
[n: NordbEinheit_bas.php?id=11767" target="bas">112452/a>]  &45ukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bib/a>ukarovsky> Ha/="Gu"bibische Leh88chiyKusa _nhebeb’_ ausa, iso6nOwouple hatioVai -hatiobeyondbas.php?id=11767" target="bas">112453/a>]  &453/;
ukoshy> I. (198Mukoshy> I. (1ische Leh78/ worduple hpef=iotbas.php?id=22775" target="bas">22753]  753uf=á> Jean-Claur LaMuf=á> Jean-Claur ische Leh ifierL> brlebmref sacréf=: i peul[< ansrukubanNbiblio> b"bi=iobas.php?id=22775" target="bas">227536/a>]  7536/;uf=á> Jean-Claur LaMuf=á> Jean-Claur ische Leh 0nairLp roi bouc émissti=f=: pouvoirEet rituelAdaz aesnRukubah[ua> [blio> b"bi=iobas.php?id=22775" target="bas">227536/a>]  2536/;uf=á> Jean-Claur LaMuf=á> Jean-Claur ische Leh7 of tCdaz aesnRukuba,np"b"biéEet m> heri(bas.php?id=22775" target="bas">227536/a>]  653 Jean-Claur LaMuf=á> Jean-Claur ische Leh 2 BolDu bon le g heri: [ iotrimonitbiblio abas.php?id=11272" target="bas">11653]  253sp;LawMuf=á> Jean-Claur LaMuf=á> Jean-Claur ische Lehs4verbLp quotidif=rtiseRukubah:ex l hre< ans[ua> [blio>bas.php?id=11407" target="bas">11241]  741LawMunkaila,t, Muhammad ny HMunkaila,t, Muhammad nyische L200a
iouble Obbibloerwolndi=fbloObbibloC or simple se"biblio_bas.php?id=10543" target="bas">102537/a>]  2537/;LawMunkaila,tMohammedeny HMunkaila,tMohammedenyische L200a
114456/a>]  &456/;LawMunkaila,tMuhammad ny HMunkaila,tMuhammad nyische Lehs in Wlndi=fbloobbibloc or simple se"biblio_bas.php?id=10543" target="bas">10&457/a>]  &457/;LawMunkaila,tMuhammad ny HMunkaila,tMuhammad nyische L200a
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Ech Anrefcmtatiouagebas.php?id=24694" target="bas">24&487/a>]  &487/;
LawNdilole, Ozo-mekuf= HNdilole, Ozo-mekuf=ische Leh9c impQintfor se"biGBdiblio_bas.php?id=24694" target="bas">24&487/a>]  &487/;Laver, JoNdilole, Ozo-mekuf= HNdilole, Ozo-mekuf=ische Leh94
Onbfpriso-callewolio_ dep reabiea andorbas.php?id=24694" target="bas">24&487/a>]  448LawNdilole, Ozo-mekuf= HNdilole, Ozo-mekuf=ische Leh95
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11&487/a>]  &487/;11&487/a>]  &487/;11&487/a>]  &487/;116488/a>]  4488/;KouyomNdilole, Ozo-mekuf= HNdilole, Ozo-mekuf=ische Leh99
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