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[5475]   Dirven, René (1990) : Attitudes towards English and Afrikaans in South Africa
[5476]   Dirven, René (1993) : The use of languages and language policies in Africa: goals of the LiCCA program
[5478]   Dirven, René & Jan Blommaert (1997) : The Africanisation of LICCA
[5477]   Dirven, René & Victor [N.] [C.] Webb (1993) : Introduction to the LiCCA (Languages in contact and conflict in Africa) research and development programme: information broschure
[18696]   Smieja, Birgit , René Dirven & Victor [N.] [C.] Webb (Ed) (1997) : The LICCA bibliography (LICBIB): working paper in preparation for the LICCA conference